Wills and Trusts

Looking after your Parents’ Legal Preparedness As a child of aging parents you probably have experienced increased duties and a variety of new roles. As you grew up, you were one who was protected and guided but now as your parent’s age, your role has become one of adviser and watchman. It is prudent to […]

  Revocable Trusts are familiar to anyone who has considered estate planning. Basically, the Settlor (person creating the Trust) retains complete control over the assets in the trust, can withdraw the principal for any reason, can change the beneficiaries, and can change the successor Trustees. The problem with a Revocable Trust is that whatever you […]

What did Wiley Want to Happen? Wiley  had three kids Curtis, Pam and Janet. He also had a stepson named Jeffery. Wiley opened a bank account and designated that upon his death the funds should be paid to his son Curtis.  Court recited the facts as follows: At some unspecified time, or times, Father told […]

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