FOX 25, Oklahoma City’s local FOX affiliate, has a segment about goals for the new near.  They invited Fox 25 studiome to provide a few comments.  The staff there was great and it was a pleasure meeting Meg Alexander.  I wish we had more time.  I also wish that I could appear as natural as Meg.

I don’t believe that I have been on live television since the Foreman Scotty cowboy show in the 60s.  To watch the segment Click Here.


Appearance on FOX 25's Living Oklahoma Program, Click to watch.

Appearance on FOX 25’s Living Oklahoma Program, Click to watch.

Parkinson ConferenceTherapy and Research Breakthroughs

The 2015 Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma Statewide Conference featured Dr. Daniel Kremens, a Neurologist at Thomas Jefferson University, who provided updates into the research and therapies related to Parkinson’s Disease.   He explained to the 200 plus participants the latest theories on causes and how the disease develops.  He went into detail about the various treatments including stem cell, deep brain electrical stimulation, exercise and drug therapy.  He was optimistic that not only will research provide a way to prevent future cases but may also lead to a cure.

We were pleased to be included as exhibitors to the event and look forward to working with the Foundation in the future.  Upcoming Workshops

parkinson foundation exhibit


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