It happens all of the time. The person with minerals cannot be found by the oil company or there has been some change that make you hard to find. This can happen in the following situations:

Here if the problem: Land records do no automatically update when things change. Somebody has to proactively make those changes. In other words, even it the land records show that your own a certain property, they don’t necessarily show where you currently live. If you have a common name, it might be impossible to track you down.

Owner Address Change: If you move the county where you own property will not update their records unless you send them a form.

Name change:  If you get married or divorced, the county clerk will not update those records even if your marriage or divorce happens in their county.

Owner Death:  If an owner dies and you are entitled to inherit the minerals, this information is not not usually apparent from the records.  It is a good idea to file a probate.  Until then, an affidavit may enable oil companies or landmen to locate you.

Successor Trustee:  It is always a good idea for a successor Trustee to filed an affidavit of successor Trustee.

Address Never Provided:  Often an individual’s address may not appear on the  instrument that granted him or her an interest.  This could be a deed, probate order or divorce decree.


The simplest solution is to file an affidavit asserting your claim to the property with your update information.  The cost for filing is minimal.


What happens if there oil production but the company doesn’t know where to send the money?

If there is an interest but

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