An Advanced HealthCare Directive (Living Will) is a set of instructions for your family, your doctors and healthcare providers. It tells them what kind of care you want or don’t want to have at the end of your life.

This also provides a place for you to list healthcare proxies. This are individuals who can make healthcare choices when you are unable to do so. For example if you were in a car wreck that left you unconscious your healthcare proxy could make decisions for you. The video explains how it is to be completed.

There is no charge for downloading and completing this form.

Advanced Healthcare Directive Form
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To download your Your Advanced Healthcare Directive (Living Will), click here.

Steps After Completing Form

  • Discuss it with your family members.
  • Provide a copy to your:
    • Family
    • Doctor
    • Hospital
    • Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility
    • All HealthCare Proxies

The Advanced Directive is just the First Step. Complete the Interview Below to have an Estate Plan Review.

What if I don’t complete a Form, Who Makes Decisions for Me if I am Unable?

Under Oklahoma Law, your decisions will be made by the individuals in the following order:

  1. Your guardian
  2. Your healthcare proxy
  3. Your agent under a power of attorney
  4. Your spouse;
  5. Your adult children;
  6. Your parents;
  7. Your siblings;
  8. Your adult relatives of the patient in order of kinship; or
  9. Your close friends of the patient who have maintained regular contact with the patient sufficient to be familiar with the patient’s personal values.

If those in a class disagree on a course of treatment, a majority of a class may make the decision. Obviously, if there is no majority, a problem exists.