The Roles are Flipped, You Need Information:

When you were young your parents found ways to protect and provide for you.  As your parents age they increasingly need your care.  You need answers including legal realities.  This article and the audio content describes the type of information you need to receive.  It also provides practical tips to create open communication.

Dynamics of Communicating with the “Silent Generation”

People born before 1946 are known as the “Silent Generation”.  Their world was shaped by the Great Depression, WWII, The Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement.  They are often described as less open with personal issues including health and finances.  They value simple concepts and rarely view themselves of wealthy regardless of their net worth.  “Waste not want not” means much to them. 

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Ich bin ein lizenzierter Anwalt in Oklahoma und bin in der Lage, in allen Oklahoma State und Federal Courts zu praktizieren. Ich habe an der Universität Deutsch studiert und an einem Arbeitsstudienprogramm teilgenommen, wo ich für einen Sommer am Deutschen Supermarkt in München angestellt war. Ich würde meine derzeitigen Deutschkenntnisse als sozial / gesprächig beschreiben. Ich müsste tatsächlich Geschäfte auf Englisch machen.

Meine Tätigkeitsbereiche umfassen: Land Öl und Gas Mineral Besitzer Rechte Nachlassplanung Wills und Trusts Kleinbetrieb Ich kann helfen, einen Anwalt zu finden, der hilft bei: Persönliche Verletzung Ungerechter Tod Geschäftsverkehr


How to Search for All Oklahoma Deeds

Unfortunately, Oklahoma does not have a central repository for searching for deeds.  Many counties records can be search no or low cost.   Most will charge a modest fee to print or view a document.  A few counties offer no search capabilities.

Legal Title Help

Searching for Oklahoma Land Records for Probate, Quiet Title or Research?

Here is a compilation of ways to search.  Some sites, like Oklahoma County are free to search and view.  Most sites allow free searches but require payment to view or print copies.  Others require a login.  Still others require payment to search or view.


Deed, Mortgage, Lease, and other Records:

See below:

Are you needing help with some title issue?

If there the county does not have the word “Search” beside it.  Then I have not discovered a way to search it.

Sixty-four counties are available through OkCountyRecords.  The counties highlighted in Green use a different system.  Those in red have no known system.  However, assessor sites may reveal surface ownership.

Adair County County Clerk Cathy Harrison (918) 696-7198 — Search
Alfalfa County County Clerk Laneta Unruh (580) 596-3158 — Search
Atoka County County Clerk Christie Henry (580) 889-5157 — Search
Beaver County County Clerk Lisa Bennett (580) 625-3141 — Search
Beckham County County Clerk Leasa Hartman (580) 928-3383 — Search
Blaine County County Clerk Jennifer Haigler (580) 623-5890 — Search
Bryan County County Clerk Tammy Reynolds (580) 924-2202 — Search
Caddo County — (405) 247 – 6609  Assessor Only
Canadian CountySearch
Carter County County Clerk Kayelyn Clubb (580)223-8162 — Search
Cherokee County County Clerk Cheryl Trammel (918) 456-3171 — Search
Choctaw County County Clerk Emily VanWorth (580) 326-3778 — Search
Cimarron County County Clerk Gina Richardson (580) 544-2251 — Search
Cleveland County ClerkSearch
Coal County County Clerk Eugina Loudermilk (580) 927-4015 — Search
Comanche County County Clerk Carrie Tubbs (580) 355-5214 — Search
Craig County County Clerk Tammy Malone (918) 256-2507 — Search
Creek CountySearch
Custer County County Clerk Melissa Parker (580) 323-1221 — Search
Delaware County County Clerk Barbara Barnes (918) 253-4520 — Search
Dewey County County Clerk Misty Moore (580) 328-5361 — Search
Ellis County County Clerk Lynn Smith (580) 885-7301 — Search 


Garfield County, 580.237.0226

Garvin County County Clerk Lori Fulks (405) 238-2772 — Search


Grady County  (405) 224-7388 Search   Subscription Based

Grant County County Clerk Cindy Pratt (580) 395-2274 — Search
Greer County County Clerk Leanne Coffman (580) 782-3664 — Search
Harmon County County Clerk Kara Gollihare (580) 688-3658 — Search
Harper County County Clerk Karen Hickman (580) 735-2012 — Search
Haskell County County Clerk Karen McClary (918) 967-2884 — Search
Hughes County County Clerk Carolyn Preble (405) 379-5487 — Search
Jackson County County Clerk Robin Booker (580) 482-4070 — Search
Jefferson County County Clerk Traci Smith (580) 228-2029 — Search
Johnston County County Clerk Kathy Ross (580) 371-3184 — Search
Kay County County Clerk Tammy Reese (580) 362-2537 — Search
Kingfisher County County Clerk Jeannie Boevers (405) 375-3887 — Search
Kiowa County County Clerk Nikki Dodd (580) 726-5286 — Search
Latimer County County Clerk Erin Adams (918) 465-4002 — Search
LeFlore County County Clerk Kelli Ford (918) 647-5738 — Search
Lincoln County County Clerk Alicia Wagnon (405) 258-1264 — Search
Logan County County Clerk Troy Cole (405) 282-0266 — Search
Love County County Clerk Shelly Russell (580) 276-3059 — Search
Major County County Clerk Kathy McClure (580) 227-4732 — Search
Marshall County County Clerk Ann Hartin (580) 795-3220 — Search
Mayes County County Clerk Brittany True-Howard (918) 825-2426 — Search
McClain County County Clerk Pam Beller (405) 527-3360 — Search
McCurtain County County Clerk Karen Bryan (580) 286-2370 — Search
McIntosh County County Clerk Ronda Prince (918) 689-2741 — Search
Murray County County Clerk Jill Hall (580) 622-3920 — Search
Muskogee County County Clerk Dianna Cope (918) 682-7781 — Search
Noble County County Clerk Sandra Richardson (580) 336-2141 — Search
Nowata County County Clerk Chris Freeman (918) 273-2480 — Search
Okfuskee County County Clerk Dianne Flanders (918) 623-1724 — Search

Oklahoma CountySearch

Okmulgee County County Clerk Becky Thomas (918) 756-0788 — Search
Osage County County Clerk Shelia Bellamy (918) 287-3136 — Search
Ottawa County County Clerk Robyn Mitchell (918) 542-3332 — Search
Pawnee County County Clerk Kristie Moles (918) 762-2732 — Search

Payne CountySearch

Pittsburg County County Clerk Hope Trammell (918) 423-6865 — Search
Pontotoc County County Clerk Tammy Brown (580) 332-1425 — Search

Pottawatomie CountySearch

Pushmataha County County Clerk Jane Dunlap (580) 298-3626 — Search
Roger Mills County County Clerk Jimmy Beavin (580) 497-3395 — Search
Rogers County County Clerk Jeanne M. Heidlage (918) 923-4796 — Search
Seminole County County Clerk Tahasha Wilcots (405) 257-2501 — Search
Sequoyah County County Clerk Julie Haywood (918) 775-4516 — Search
Stephens County County Clerk Jenny Moore (580) 255-0977 — Search
Texas County County Clerk Wendy Johnson (580) 338-3233 — Search
Tillman County County Clerk Cacy Caldwell (580) 335-3421 — Search

Tulsa County Clerk Subscription based  Pre-Statehood to 1923

Wagoner CountySearch

Washington County County Clerk Marjorie Parrish (918) 337-2840 — Search
Washita County County Clerk Kristen Dowell (580) 832-3548 — Search

Woods County–(580) 327-0942

Woodward County County Clerk Wendy Dunlap (580) 256-3625 — Search


OIL and GAS Records Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Need to know which Wells are active in your area?  Check here.  Simple Search by Legal Description: 

Other data:

Oklahoma Well Data Data Base, Search by Well name, Location, Legal Etc.  Also Here

Oklahoma Tax Commission Production Records

OCC Unitization Records

AcreValue Website, Records of acreage sales by legal

Enter Legal Description to View on Google Earth

Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Search

Oil and Gas Royalties in Suspense, payment withheld

You signed an Oil and Gas Lease, you might have even been paid a bonus.  However, now that there is production the company won’t pay the royalties.  In “Suspense” means that your oil and gas mineral royalty payments are being withheld.  A common reason for an operator to use suspense is because they want to be sure that they are paying the rightful owner.  Often, the issue is an un-probated estate in Oklahoma.  In other words, even though you inherited the minerals there is no court order determining that you own them.

How difficult is it Probate Minerals?  How long does a Probate Take?

Often a probate can be very simple.  In fact, Oklahoma’s probate laws are designed to provide quick resolution of an estate under certain circumstances.  It is not unusual for a matter to be fully resolved in 40-100 days after filing depending upon the Court’s availability.  The methods are by Summary Probate and Ancillary Probate.

Summary Probate:

A summary probate is possible if one of the following is true:

-The decedent died more than five years ago; or

-The decedent resided outside of Oklahoma; or

-The estate is valued less than $200,000.

This can be used whether or not a Will was created.  A Special Administrator can be appointed.  Notice is given to creditors and heirs.  If there is a Will, the people named in it are also provided notice.  Normally, only the attorney has to appear before the judge.

Ancillary Probate:

If the decedent had a Will that has been probated in another state, then an Ancillary Probate is often available.  Basically, an Oklahoma court ratifies what has occurred in decedent’s home state case.  If there was a probate but there was no Will, the Summary Probate is still available.

Do I have to come to Oklahoma to Probate the Minerals?

No, normally this can be done by an attorney in state.  A person interested in the estate would sign affidavits and other items before a notary in their own state.

What if the person named as Executor won’t Act?

If a person was named as executor in the Will refuses to help an heir or person named in the Will can start the process.  The named executor cannot prevent a probate from happening.  At best, he or she could ask that they be appointed as the representative of the estate.

Are the Estate Taxes on Oklahoma Minerals?

Rarely, Oklahoma abolished the Estate Tax in 2010.  Oklahoma has a 10 year limitation on estate taxes.  So an individual who died after 2010 is not subject to Oklahoma Estate Taxes.  Also a person who died more than 10 years ago is not subject to estate taxes except in the rarest of circumstances.

Federal Estate taxes are rarely an issue because the estates are not taxed until a high limit is reached.

I Signed and Affidavit of Heirship, Why Isn’t that Enough?

An Affidavit of Heirship is a flimsy document.  There is really no way to verify that the statements are accurate.  People have often lied about their rights in such an affidavit.  Oil and Gas Companies and operators know that if they pay royalties based solely on an affidavit, they might have to pay those same funds to a different person whose title is confirmed by a court order.

What happens if the property was owned by grand or great-grandparents?

The property can still be inherited by heirs several generations removed.

What if My Mother or Father Didn’t Have A Will?  Who gets the Minerals?

If somebody dies without a Will and owns minerals in Oklahoma, there is a statute that determines who should receive the decedent’s Oklahoma property interest.  Generally, a spouse is entitled to a share of the estate along with the children.  If a child predeceased the mineral owner, then his or her children would be entitled to a share.

Major companies include:



Black Hills

















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