Wills and Trusts

Protecting Your Children by Protecting Their Inheritance   Providing Asset Protection for Your Kids Providing an inheritance for one’s children is a common desire among the current generation of middle aged Americans. Protecting that inheritance may be something that many of us overlook when planning for the future. After all, the assets to be handed […]

Don’t Leave Your IRA to Your Kid Outright IRAs are wonderful investments.  Many people want to leave unused funds to their children.  They simply name their kids as a beneficiary and think that everything is set.  Many fail to understand that merely naming the children as beneficiaries may result in the loss in the value […]

  FOX 25, Oklahoma City’s local FOX affiliate, has a segment about goals for the new near.  They invited me to provide a few comments.  The staff there was great and it was a pleasure meeting Meg Alexander.  I wish we had more time.  I also wish that I could appear as natural as Meg. […]

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