Estate Planning

The Tom Stack Pipeline Project appears to be a gathering line in Blaine, Canadian and Kingfisher Counties. As with most proposed easements there are onerous terms that can prevent the owner from building ponds, changing grade, planting trees or shrubs.  As in all such cases, if an agreement is reached, there will be a one-time […]

Click Here to Search County Land Records County Address City St Zip Phone Adair PO Box 169 Stilwell, OK   74960 918 696-7198 Alfalfa 300 South Grand Avenue; Cherokee, OK   73728 (580) 596-3158 Atoka 200 East Court Street Suite 201 Atoka, OK   74525 (580) 889-5157 Beaver PO Box 338 Beaver, OK  73932 (580) 625-3141 Beckham PO […]

Don't let your rights get bulldozed.

Cimarron Express Pipeline, LLC, Has Filed Suit in Kingfisher, Logan and Payne County Seeking to Take Land for Pipeline. Since November 2018, Cimarron Express Pipeline, LLC, has filed 30 lawsuits in Kingfisher, Logan and Payne Counties.  Why?  Because they want to take land by eminent domain to build pipelines across land they do not own.  […]

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