The Tom Stack Pipeline Project appears to be a gathering line in Blaine, Canadian and Kingfisher Counties.

As with most proposed easements there are onerous terms that can prevent the owner from building ponds, changing grade, planting trees or shrubs. 

As in all such cases, if an agreement is reached, there will be a one-time payment and no opportunity to re-negotiate the terms.

Don’t be Afraid to Say “NO” to the Initial Offer. Or any offer.

In a similar pipeline project, another company paid a range from $180 to $745 per rod with an average of a 50 foot easement. The price obtained depended upon the nature of the property and the negotiation skills of the landowner.

Permanent means permanent.

An easement may prevent you from constructing or the loss of:

Paved roads, Buildings, Fences, Ponds, Pools, Wind Farms, Utilities,

Expect everything in the easement to be clear cut away.

Loss of trees, erosion issues, loss of privacy.

If there is no power of Eminent Domain, they cannot force their way across your land.

What is the going price for a rod, Click Here?