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Children are usually the natural advocates for their parents.  While they are often willing to honor their parents by becoming caregivers, they often are unaware of the challenges that they face.  One challenge is determining whether they have the legal authority to take actions on their behalf.  In the absence of proper planning a guardianship is sometimes necessary.  A proper Power of Attorney is the first step in the process.

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NICOLE-WIPP-150x150This recording was generously shared by Nicole Wipp.  She is a  Family Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney in the Detroit Michigan area and  Host of Smart Planning 101 Podcast.  Nicole Wipp button

Description:  In this episode, Audrey Ehrhardt and Nicole talk about the different types of scenarios that make legal decision making necessary for an adult child; how having proper documents affects this; why you may, as an adult child, need advice not only for your parent’s sake, but also for your own.