Oklahoma allows an owner of a car, truck, motorhome, or motorcycle to name a beneficiary who will receive it upon the death of the owner. This is an easy way to avoid probate for an asset that is often troublesome. All you need to have are:

  • The Vehicle Identification Number
  • Make, Model and Year
  • The Tag Information
  • Beneficiary’s Name and Address

Have your form completed and ready for submission in about five minutes. It will be delivered to your email and ready to print in a PDF format. The cost is $10 per vehicle.

This is incredibly simple. Just make sure that your beneficiary knows about this. As long as there are no liens on the vehicle, he or she will need to have you death certificate, an affidavit supplied by the tag agency, proof of insurance and your death certificate to transfer title.

You can change your mind and sell or give the vehicle away without your beneficiary’s permission. You can also name a new beneficiary if circumstances change. One hitch, if there is a lien on the vehicle at your death, then that must be paid off in advance.

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