VA Increases Wartime Veteran Aid & Attendance Benefits for 2017

Veterans of WWII, Korean War, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars can qualify for various pensions designed to assist them due to medical expenses that they, their spouse or widows they incur.

Aid & Attendance:  This benefit is typically available when a veteran or veteran’s spouse is in a nursing home.  It is also available for those in an assisted living or memory care facility for medical purposes.

Housebound:  This benefit is available for a veteran or his spouse with mobility issues caused by a medical condition.  Persons applying for this benefit must be substantially confined to their home.

The maximum 2017 benefits are:


Maximum Monthly IncomeVeteran (Single)Veteran (w/ Dependent)Veterans (two married veterans)Surviving Spouse of Veteran
Aid and Attendance












How Much Could You (or your Family Member Receive?  Click here for a worksheet.


[1] If one qualifies for Aid & Attendance but the other is healthy, then the maximum benefit is $2,127.  If one is housebound, the maximum is $2,386.


[2] If only one is housebound, then the maximum benefit if $1,886.