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Probate and Probate Alternatives
Probate services: Probate of Wills Probate with no Will, Intestacy Summary Probate Small Estates Delayed Probates Non-Residents Ancillary Probates Affidavit of Heirship Mineral Interests Non-Probate Procedures Small Bank Accounts Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft Creditor’s Claims What is Probate? Probate of an Estate is an court proceeding overseen by a judge.  The purpose is to insure that […]
Beneficiary Designations and Payable on Death, Estate Planning Pitfalls
Wills and Trusts can Be Ineffective If Designations are Ignored People, including attorneys, often fail to realize that beneficiary designations are controlled by what a Will or Trust says.  The case of Wiley is an excellent example.  He had a plan that his kids should share equally.  However, he designated one of his sons to […]
Last Will and Testament
What is a Last Will and Testament? A Will is a vital component of every Estate Plan.  Although it has some limitations, one of it’s functions has not been replaced by any other document.  Perhaps its greatest value is as document that catches assets that were unknown or not otherwise provided for in a Trust […]
Writing the kids out of the Will. How to disinherit & are there alternatives?
Should I disinherit my son or daughter? This is a heartfelt question and there is no easy answers.  This article will explore techniques that can be used and alternatives that should be considered.  Here are some common questions: What are the most effective ways to disinherit? What if I am really only worried about the […]
Edmond Oklahoma Testamentary Will Attorney
Edmond Oklahoma Testamentary Will Attorney A Will is a key component to every Estate Plan.  In its simplest form it provides for the orderly distribution of your assets when you’re gone and names a person to be in charge. Creating a Trust is like a journey that requires a guide.   My role as a […]
Edmond Oklahoma Trust Attorney
    Edmond Oklahoma Trust Attorney Creating a Family Trust can accomplish several goals: Probate avoidance Asset Protection Medicaid Benefit Planning Wartime Veterans Pension Planning Delayed distributions Estate Tax Planning Property management Special Needs Protection of vulnerable or irresponsible heirs Flexibility and ability to change Edmond Oklahoma Trust Attorney Family Trust: A Trust is an […]
Edmond Oklahoma Estate Planning Attorney
Edmond Oklahoma Estate Planning Attorney   Creating an Estate Plan is like a journey that requires a guide.   My role is to listen, advise then create an estate plan that meets your needs, goals and concerns.   How Do I Begin My Estate Plan? Edmond Oklahoma   Think of it as getting the Right […]
Estate Plan, Wills, Trusts and other Protections
    An Estate Plan insures that the right people get the right things at the right time; for example: You want to make sure that there is somebody to take care of your financial affairs if you become unable to do so. You may want your children to inherit money or property but also […]
Ancillary Probates in Oklahoma
Ancillary Probates in Oklahoma Ancillary Probates in Oklahoma The spouses children, heirs, devisees or legatees of an individual who dies owning property in several states may be faced with having to have probate actions in each of those states.  An ancillary probate may be the solution Royalty Payments in Suspense? Often an oil and gas […]
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