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Estate Planning Essentials, What Are the Basic Things I Need?
Estate Planning Building Blocks No matter how simple or sophisticated, every Estate Plan  should have these 3 Essential Building Blocks: Last Will and Testament: This Document’s job is to tell the Probate Court Who is to receive property from your estate (Probate Property) Who is in charge of your estate (Executor or Personal Representative) What […]
Private Mortgages, How to Loan to the Kids or Family Members
Helping the Kids Responsibly with Private Mortgages Often a family member or child may need financial help.  This may involve the purchase or renovation of a home or some other need.  The person willing to may wish to help out but also wants to be repaid.  A solution may be a Private Mortgage.  This is […]
Planning with Disabilities or Special Needs In Mind: MAC Center Event
Families with a member with a disability, receiving SSI income or has special needs should pay particular attention to their estate plan.  This short presentation will discuss ways to protect the inheritance as well as income and benefits. Who should attend? Parents Grandparents Spouses Children Advisors  Who Can Benefit from the Planning? Early onset such […]
Special Needs and Supplemental Needs Trusts
Families who have a loved one with a disability, receiving SSI income or has special needs should pay particular attention to their estate plan. When developing a Special or Supplemental Needs Trust, it is important to keep needs based governmental benefits in mind. Standard trusts often can cause an individual from becoming ineligible to receive […]
Is a Tithe or Giving to the Church a Medicaid No No?
Medicaid coverage was denied a woman who faithfully gave to the Church for years. DHS issued a notice that she would be penalized in the form of a delay in coverage due to her giving. However, on appeal she prevailed. Her tithing was not a scheme to become eligible for Medicaid and she became immediately eligible.
Can Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Sign a Will?
Can Somebody with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Make a Will? Yes, but there may be a point where this becomes impossible. Families often face a difficult situation when they receive a Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis.  Often, the signs preceded the diagnosis.  Whether an individual is dealing with a suspicion or “official” diagnosis, there may still be […]
10 Day Notice, Revocable Trusts and the Home, New Rules Means Loss of Benefits
Effective September 1, 2016 DHS Will Now Treat a Home in a Revocable Trust as a Countable Asset: This could mean that current residents will lose Medicaid benefits.   On September 1, 2016, DHS changed the rules about how it treats assets in a Revocable Trust.  As a result, more applicants will be denied benefits.  […]
Client Maintenance Program
Why have a Maintenance Program? Just like a vehicle, an Estate Plans need maintenance. I regularly deal with new clients who have created an Estate Plan years ago.  Assets, families, goals and needs change through the years.  When this happens, the Estate Plan can become obsolete or ineffective.   One of the main objectives is […]
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