The Roles are Flipped, You Need Information: When you were young your parents found ways to protect and provide for you.  As your parents age they increasingly need your care.  You need answers including legal realities.  This article and the audio content describes the type of information you need to receive.  It also provides practical […]

Oklahoma allows an owner of a car, truck, motorhome, or motorcycle to name a beneficiary who will receive it upon the death of the owner. This is an easy way to avoid probate for an asset that is often troublesome. All you need to have are: The Vehicle Identification Number Make, Model and Year The […]

Owners of mineral interests often want to determine who is producing the oil and gas from a well on their property. This is so they know who is responsible for paying their royalties. Once this is known, contact can be made to get paid. Check to See Who Should be Paying Oil and Gas Royalties? […]

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