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Veteran’s Benefits Workshop
Wartime Veterans Facts Veterans and their spouses or dependents can qualify for tax-free income.  Families struggling with or facing Alzheimer’s can benefit greatly for an enhanced Aid and Attendance Pension.  To qualify the veteran or spouse of a veteran may qualify for substantial benefits.   A veteran requiring a protective environment such as a nursing home […]
Soldier & Veteran Christmas Care Stockings Collection
Program through “Soldiers’ Angles” We are doing our part to meet this year our goal is to collect and distribute 13,000 stockings to our deployed service members and veteran patients in VA Medical Centers! Bring items, stockings or both. Drop off items to go into stockings to be sent to soldiers for Christmas. We’ll be […]
Life Estates
Life Estate: A life estate is when ownership in land is split into two parts. The first part is the Life Estate which is owned by the “Life Tenant” who is entitled to possession and enjoyment of the property as long as he or she is alive. The second is the remainder interest which belongs […]
Serving Others Together
It Is All About Service As a professional adviser people look to you for answers and solutions. When your clientele need assistance with legal issues please think of me. Commitments: Your clients’ information will remain confidential. With their permission, I will provide you updates on the issue. I will promptly address their needs. If I […]
Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility
Medicaid Eligibility Medicare is a health-care benefit provided by the federal government to individuals over age 65, or under age 65 and disabled. Medicare covers doctor visits, tests and care provided in a hospital and limited benefits in a nursing home (see below). Medicaid is health insurance for those with limited assets. To qualify, you […]
Wartime Veterans’ and Widow’s Pension
Abraham Lincoln Called on the Nation to Support it’s Veterans. Veterans who served during WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars may be eligible for tax free pensions. The pension program is designed to assist veterans and their spouses or widows to cope with the impacted by medical expenses and nursing home costs. The pension […]
Wartime Veterans Pension, Workshop
Wartime Veterans Pension, Workshop When: Monday, November 9, 2015 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. Where: Concordia Life Care Community 7707 W. Britton Road Oklahoma City, OK 73132 Wartime Veterans Pension, Veterans who served during WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars may be eligible for tax-free income. For example, a married veteran in an […]
Asset Protection, So Kids Won’t Blow Their Inheritance
Protecting Your Children by Protecting Their Inheritance   Providing Asset Protection for Your Kids Providing an inheritance for one’s children is a common desire among the current generation of middle aged Americans. Protecting that inheritance may be something that many of us overlook when planning for the future. After all, the assets to be handed […]
Key Legal Issues or Families Dealing with Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Living Wills
Living Wills and DNRs, September 15, 6-7 pm Every person has the right to decide the type of care they would like to receive.  An Advanced Healthcare Directive, or Living Will informs medical providers of the patients intentions when he or she is unable to speak for themselves.  A Do Not Resuscitate order instructs medical […]
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