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Client Maintenance Program
Why have a Maintenance Program? Just like a vehicle, an Estate Plans need maintenance. I regularly deal with new clients who have created an Estate Plan years ago.  Assets, families, goals and needs change through the years.  When this happens, the Estate Plan can become obsolete or ineffective.   One of the main objectives is […]
Pet Trusts Provide for Care After You’re Gone
Does your dog need a Trust?  Should you tell your Cat? To some this may seem a bit silly, but for many of us we want to insure that are pets are cared for after we are gone.  One of the obstacles would-be caregivers face are the expenses associated with keeping an animal happy and […]
DocuBank, Worldwide Access to Your Living Will
DocuBank, Worldwide Access to Your Living Will Member Number: PIN: Personal Password:   Forgot Password or First Time User Part of my Client Maintenance Program includes a membership to DocuBank. DocuBank provides hospitals with immediate access to your healthcare directives and emergency information, 24/7/365. Our office includes DocuBank as part of our client service package […]