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How to create an Advanced Healthcare Directive in Oklahoma
Advance Healthcare Directives the Living Will   Download a Planning Chart Advanced healthcare directives sometimes called “Living Wills” are legal documents which instruct health care providers of the level of care you desire if you are unable to speak for yourself.  Generally three conditions are anticipated 1) terminal condition, 2) persistently unconscious and 3) end-stage […]
Advance Healthcare Directives, the “Living Will”
Making healthcare decisions before an actual medical emergency is critical. This program will cover the Advanced Healthcare Directives instructions. It will also provide information on how to appoint a Health Care Representative. These conversations can make difficult situations later on much easier. Richard Winblad, Office 102 E. Thatcher, Edmond 73034 (405) 340-6554   Always have […]
Advance Healthcare Directives, Living Will
Join me for a discussion of Living Wills, how they work and how to set one up.  Hospitals always ask if you have an Advanced Directive for Healthcare Choices.  They often provide forms.  However, these are decisions that are best made without the stress of being admitted. This talk will discuss how to complete the […]
Advance Healthcare Directive, the “Living Will”
Advance Healthcare Directives: An Advance healthcare directive, sometimes called a “Living Will,” is legal document which instructs health care providers of the level of care you desire if you are unable to speak for yourself. Under Oklahoma Law it is presumed that you would want life sustaining treatment continued including the use of feeding tubes […]
Understanding Advanced Healthcare Directive Options (Online Event)
Understanding Advanced Healthcare Directives is important. The choices on the Oklahoma form are few and may not meet your wishes. At this event you will learn how we can modify the form in a way that allows you to receive treatment but limits how long you will be kept alive on life support.
Powers of Attorney & Advanced Healthcare Directives
Powers of Attorney Everybody should have a Power of Attorney.  However, nobody should just have a Power of Attorney.  Let me explain.  These are complicated and misunderstood documents.  Often clients bring me a Power of Attorney thinking that everything is set.  All too often what they have does not provide the chosen agent with the […]
Advanced Healthcare Directives & DNRs
Advanced healthcare directives are instructions to your family & medical providers about the care you want at the end of your life. Its like telling them what type of stoplight you want.   Green means keep on doing everything to keep you alive, even if the doctors think things are hopeless.     Yellow means […]
Estate Planning
The Estate Planning Is Simple The goals for most people is to stay in control as long as they are alive and well.  When they’re not, a hand-picked trusted person follows your wishes and interests according to your “Rule Book”. You know your family the best.  Make sure that you write a plan that is  […]
DocuBank, Worldwide Access to Your Living Will
DocuBank, Worldwide Access to Your Living Will Member Number: PIN: Personal Password:   Forgot Password or First Time User Part of my Client Maintenance Program includes a membership to DocuBank. DocuBank provides hospitals with immediate access to your healthcare directives and emergency information, 24/7/365. Our office includes DocuBank as part of our client service package […]