It is difficult to know how to get started making an Estate Plan.  This workshop will provide you with the basic understanding of how the pieces fit together.  Topics will include Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Probate, and Advanced Healthcare Directives.  There is no cost or obligation for attending.  Seating is limited so be sure to reserve your spot.

The biggest estate planning mistake is not having the essential planning building blocks in place. Once in place, these can be built upon. Learn what everybody’s estate plan should have right now.

These are things to protect you while your alive, then your heirs after you are gone.

Wills-What they are and how they work

Power of Attorney-A tool if you become disabled.

Medical Power of Attorney-Empower a trusted person to make medical decisions.

Advanced Healthcare Directives-Instructions to your family & medical providers about your end of life care.

Discover how a Will and Trust are alike and how they differ.

This Estate Planning Class will cover basics of how each of the most common and needed elements of an estate plan work together.  We’ll cover how a Will and a Trust Work.   There will also be a discussion about Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives.  The presentation lasts about one hour.  With plenty of time for questions and answers. You will also learn what happens if you fail to plan.  No everybody needs a Trust but everyone needs to plan.

Did you know…

  • A Will does not avoid probate.
  • Your power of attorney may be defective.
  • Certain healthcare directives could keep you alive indefinitely.
  • The State has made decisions about your life and property that apply if you don’t plan.

Most people know that a Trust avoids probate, but you may be surprised to learn that a Trust…

  • Does not require separate tax return or tax id number.
  • Works without court or judicial interference.
  • Can protect your assets from your children’s predators and creditors.
  • Is not right for everybody.

About the Venue:  The Edmond Parks Department operates out of the MAC Center which is attached to the Senior Center and located just south of the Mitch Park YMCA.  Most classes meet in the a cozy conference room.  The setting is conducive to questions and answers.



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