Advanced healthcare directives are instructions to your family & medical providers about the care you want at the end of your life. Its like telling them what type of stoplight you want.


Green means keep on doing everything to keep you alive, even if the doctors think things are hopeless.



Yellow means stop life saving procedures, but use feeding tubes if you cannot eat.



Red means stop all life saving treatments and do not use feeding tubes.


Learn how Oklahoma’s form has flaws and how to correct them.

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) forms work differently. Mistaking a DNR for an Advanced Healthcare Directive can be deadly.


Advanced Health Care Directive (Living Will Form)

The biggest estate planning mistake is not having the essential planning building blocks in place. Once in place, these can be built upon. Learn what everybody’s estate plan should have right now.

These are things to protect you while your alive, then your heirs after you are gone.

Wills-What they are and how they work

Power of Attorney-A tool if you become disabled.

Medical Power of Attorney-Empower a trusted person to make medical decisions.

Advanced Healthcare Directives-Instructions to your family & medical providers about your end of life care.

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