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Estate Planning

While you are alive and well, you are in charge. When you’re not, the person that you hand-picked takes over. The Estate Planning documents enable this to happen without the inconvenience or interference of the courts.


Nursing Home Crisis Planning

As and elder law attorney.  Nursing care can easily drain a family of a life’s savings. However, a family does not need to become impoverished in order to have a loved one qualify for benefits. Assets can be saved and income for the well spouse maintained.


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Aircraft Trusts

Trusts are a basic Estate Planning tool. However, one must follow the FAA’s stringent rules in order to register an aircraft in a Trust. For this reason many families face probate just to clear up title to a single airplane. This cost can be avoided.


Probate is a daunting statutory procedure. However, it is often necessary to liquidate an estate or to title property in the name of heirs. It may also be necessary when somebody becomes unable to manage their own affairs.



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