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Help! Life Insurance Make Patent Ineligible for Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits!
Cash Value in Life Insurance can be a Barrier to Medicaid Benefits Many who apply for Medicaid are surprised to learn that owning a life insurance with a small amount of cash value disqualifies a otherwise eligible person from receiving benefits.  Term policies (those without cash values) do count against the patient. However, if the […]
Protect your IRA from Your Kids’ Creditors and Their Poor Choices
Don’t Leave Your IRA to Your Kid Outright IRAs are wonderful investments.  Many people want to leave unused funds to their children.  They simply name their kids as a beneficiary and think that everything is set.  Many fail to understand that merely naming the children as beneficiaries may result in the loss in the value […]
Appearance on FOX 25’s Living Oklahoma
  FOX 25, Oklahoma City’s local FOX affiliate, has a segment about goals for the new near.  They invited me to provide a few comments.  The staff there was great and it was a pleasure meeting Meg Alexander.  I wish we had more time.  I also wish that I could appear as natural as Meg. […]