Planning for Business, Farm & Ranch Transition

Planning for Business, Farm & Ranch Transition

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Business Owners, Farmers and Ranchers are great at planning for the seasons of the year but often fail to plan for the seasons of their lives.



Transition of a Business, Farm or Ranch to the next generation requires planning so that the transfer meets everyone’s expectations and goals. An Estate Plan with a Trust and Will is an essential part of this planning.

Development of a plan with family involvement is important to insure that a family farm or ranch passes to the next generation. Failure to establish a plan may create a situation that causes the continued operation to fail. This may be disappointing to the participating family members.

In order for a successful transition to work it is important to have businesslike family meetings.  The following agenda developed by AgWeb.Com is an excellent source:  Family Agenda

Part of developing a successful family plan is to know the visions and goals of the stakeholders.  Individual Vision Form