Edmond Oklahoma Testamentary Will Attorney

Edmond Oklahoma Testamentary Will Attorney

A Will is a key component to every Estate Plan. 

In its simplest form it provides for the orderly distribution of your assets when you’re gone and names a person to be in charge.

DSC_0283Creating a Trust is like a journey that requires a guide.


My role as a lawyer  is to listen, advise then create an estate plan that meets your needs, goals and concerns.


How Do I Begin My Estate Plan? estate planning binderEdmond Oklahoma


Think of it as getting the Right Things to the Right People at the Right Time.

  • All you need to know is who is important to you who you can trust.

  • You will be advised about options that will best meet your situation.

  • Together we will develop a plan that fits your goals and your family’s needs.


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The Plan Revolves Around You and the People and Things that are Important to You.

It is important to plan for death, but also for the possibility of loss capacity to manage affairs.

In both cases plans are designed to avoid the need for court intervention.

After Death

What does it Cost? Click here for worksheet.

Intestacy: In the absence of a Will or Trust an individual’s assets are divided according to the intestacy statutes. These statutes do not take into account the decedent’s wishes or special family needs. For instance, one inheriting through according to intestacy statutes becomes entitled to all of their inheritance at adulthood. Also an estranged child would share equally with a family member who provided care and services. The estate must be administered through probate court which usually takes a 9 months to conclude. It is a public, costly, slow and frustrating process.

Wills: A Will may alter the result under the intestacy statute. For instance, an estranged child may be disinherited. Distributions of the estate are not required to be equal. A standard Will does not prevent an heir from receiving their inheritance at the age of eighteen. A Will does not avoid probate court. Last Will and Testament


Creating a Family Trust can accomplish several goals:

  • Probate avoidance
  • Delayed distributions
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Property management
  • Special Needs
  • Protection of vulnerable or irresponsible heirs
  • Flexibility and ability to change
    Edmond Oklahoma Trust Attorney
    Family Trust: A Trust is an Estate Planning Tool that works like a Will because the it can make distributions to named beneficiaries.


While Living:

People often overlook the possibility of their becoming unable to manage their own affairs or medical treatment. Accidents, strokes, illness and dementia can render one unable to function. An Estate Plan should also provide for these situations.

Advanced Medical Directive: Sometimes called a “Living Will”. It instructs healthcare providers with the level of care you want to receive in the event that you cannot communicate. Most people chose from three standard options depending upon their medical situation. These are 1) do everything; 2) provide feeding and nutrition only; and 3) withdraw medical treatment, feeding and hydration. These are often called end-of-life or death with dignity choices. Do not resuscitate choices can also be made.

Healthcare Proxies: Trusted individual can be appointed to make medical decisions based upon their knowledge of your values. These can be provided in the Advanced Medical Directives but should also be appointed in a Durable Medical Power of Attorney.

Financial Power of Attorney: This empowers a trusted individual to make financial or business decisions if you become incapable of doing so. Acting as attorney-in-fact they can be empowered to pay bills, use bank accounts, trade stocks, etc.

Estate Plans Can Be Custom Designed To Include:

What will it cost?

Because everyone’s situation is different a price cannot be quoted. A simple worksheet can be completed to provide you with an initial estimate during a free initial consultation. Please call to get started.Call 405-340-6554 for a worksheet


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