Becoming a Client

How to become a client.

I recommend that prospective clients check me out at one of my workshops.  My free Workshops provide an excellent opportunity to determine whether I know the law and to learn about my personality.  Check out my Worhshop Schedule

Risk Free Assessment

Before accepting a client I must be satisfied that I can meet their needs in a timely and ethical manner.  In fact, I often refer potential clients elsewhere if my firm is unable to to accomplish their goals.  This normally involves an initial assessment to determine whether there we will make a good fit as attorney and client.  I have found that this is best accomplished by a meeting.  I prefer  meeting in person.

Selection of Your Attorney

As you review different attorneys profiles and information perhaps the most important question is whether you will feel comfortable with your selection.  Questions you should ask include:


  • Does this attorney concentrate in the area of law I need?
  • Will he or she take care of my matter?
  • Will I get the result that I need?
  • Does the attorney explain things in a way that I can understand?

If I do not handle your type of matter I can usually refer you to someone who can.

Initial Assessment

Before you hire any attorney you should gauge whether the attorney and firm are a good fit for your personality and concern.  Sometimes this can be determined by a a telephone call.  For others, an initial meeting is helpful.

Cost and Process

The attorney should be able to give you an approximate range of costs for your matter.  For projects, such as Estate Plans, an accurate price range is possible.  For other matters such as contested court cases you should have a reasonable hourly rate.


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