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Free Estate Planning EBook
   Ready for immediate delivery.  View on PDF viewers.     I’m proud to announce that our first guide for creating your estate plan has been published as an EBook.  Even better. Its free. This plain-English guide provides information into common documents used to create a plan, including: Wills Trusts Powers of Attorney Living Wills […]
EBook Welcome Video Video with instructions on how to download the EBook on Estate Planning.
Plan for Long-Term Nursing Care: How to Qualify for Medicaid Without Going Broke
MEDICAID PLANNING     Your savings of a lifetime does not have to wiped away by long-term nursing care.  With proper planning you can avoid putting your assets in jeopardy. Want a Personalized Analysis of Your Risks? Click here to receive the one-page worksheet.  Return it to me and receive your report. The facts… Oklahoma […]
Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility
Medicaid Eligibility Medicare is a health-care benefit provided by the federal government to individuals over age 65, or under age 65 and disabled. Medicare covers doctor visits, tests and care provided in a hospital and limited benefits in a nursing home (see below). Medicaid is health insurance for those with limited assets. To qualify, you […]
How to Qualify for Medicaid Without Going Broke
How to Qualify for Medicaid Without Going Broke Medicaid is a government program that pays for long-term care for those who qualify financially.  The regulations, rules, exceptions and penalties make this benefit hard to understand and hard to access without the proper help. This Workshop is designed to dispel many of the misconceptions and to […]
Medicaid, Nursing Homes, How to Access without Going Broke
What have your heard? You’ve got to be broke to qualify. You will lose your house. You have to give everything away. You cannot leave anything to your kids. Medicaid is Confusing.  It has lots of rules, exceptions and myths. Learn how to qualify for nursing home care without going broke. Please Call to Register:  […]
Funding Alternatives, Medicaid, Wartime Veterans Pension and Life Insurance Conversion
The OAHCP/OKALA spring convention brings together national, state and local speakers with topics relevant to Senior Care. The conference offers CE hours for Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Residential Care and Home Health Care Administrators. Registered attendees may attend any session. The Convention starts off with a Board of Directors' Welcome Reception, Monday, April 25th. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact OAHCP at 405-524-8338.
Help! Life Insurance Make Patent Ineligible for Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits!
Cash Value in Life Insurance can be a Barrier to Medicaid Benefits Many who apply for Medicaid are surprised to learn that owning a life insurance with a small amount of cash value disqualifies a otherwise eligible person from receiving benefits.  Term policies (those without cash values) do count against the patient. However, if the […]
How To Become Qualified for Medicaid in Crisis Situations
Crisis Medicaid Planning, What to do When You Need a Nursing Home Now Medicaid is a needs based program. This means that people with excessive assets or income cannot qualify for Medicaid. For many, this will be the only government program that they will ever seek.  (These are general rules in Oklahoma). What Assets Count […]
A Victory at Fair Hearing Appeal, Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits Approved
DHS Denies Grandmother’s SoonerCare Nursing Home Benefits Imagine that your grandmother is denied benefits because she spent all of her money trying to remain in her home. DHS looks at the finances and says that because she paid family members that she now has to wait 2 years. We did not like that answer and […]
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