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Protect your IRA from Your Kids’ Creditors and Their Poor Choices
Don’t Leave Your IRA to Your Kid Outright IRAs are wonderful investments.  Many people want to leave unused funds to their children.  They simply name their kids as a beneficiary and think that everything is set.  Many fail to understand that merely naming the children as beneficiaries may result in the loss in the value […]
Essentials of Estate Planning
Estate Planning Essentials: Estate Plan: Formal written instructions for your family, doctors, and others regarding your: Property Finances Family It also empowers individuals to act on your behalf.  It keeps you in charge as long as you are alive and well. It minimizes the need for guardianship or probate. Powers of Attorney: Grants somebody else […]
Eminent Domain in Oklahoma, What To Do When They Want to Condemn My Property
Eminent Domain Guide for Land Owners, By Harlan Hentges & Richard Winblad If you’re reading this, somebody probably wants to take all or part of your property to build a road, pipeline, power line, or something else on your land, and you would prefer they went elsewhere. You’re not alone. Many people have been in […]
Estate Planning Essentials, What Are the Basic Things I Need?
Estate Planning Building Blocks No matter how simple or sophisticated, every Estate Plan  should have these 3 Essential Building Blocks: Last Will and Testament: This Document’s job is to tell the Probate Court Who is to receive property from your estate (Probate Property) Who is in charge of your estate (Executor or Personal Representative) What […]
Fall Break Estate Planning Events for Educators
Fall Break is a perfect time to learn about how to create an Estate Plan.  All events are informational and free of charge.  Those who participate will be entitled to special pricing opportunities.  Learn about: Wills Trusts Advanced Healthcare Directives Powers of Attorney How to make sure that your plan works with your IRA, Bank […]
Wartime Veterans’ and Widow’s Pension
Abraham Lincoln Called on the Nation to Support it’s Veterans. Veterans who served during WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars may be eligible for tax free pensions. The pension program is designed to assist veterans and their spouses or widows to cope with the impacted by medical expenses and nursing home costs. The pension […]
Non-Probate Assets, How they don’t Always Work
Non-Probate Assets: Some assets will pass automatically even if a Will or Trust says otherwise. Therefore, it is important to understand how these work so that an Estate Plan can function as intended. Beneficiary Designations:  Some assets are designed to pass through beneficiary designations or payable on death instructions given to banks, insurance companies and […]
Last Will and Testament
Last Will and Testament: A Will is an important part of every Estate Plan. Although many Estate Plans include a Trust, the Will does things that no other legal document can. A Will is a legal document that does several things: Executor: It names an Executor to be in charge of your estate if your […]
Beneficiary Designations and Payable on Death, Estate Planning Pitfalls
Wills and Trusts can Be Ineffective If Designations are Ignored People, including attorneys, often fail to realize that beneficiary designations are controlled by what a Will or Trust says.  The case of Wiley is an excellent example.  He had a plan that his kids should share equally.  However, he designated one of his sons to […]