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Aircraft Ownership & Trusts
Estate Planning with an Aircraft Trust Is your Estate Plan Airworthy? Aircraft must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration.  The owner is the person who has the authority to operate, use, update registration and sell the aircraft.  If the owner dies or becomes unable to fill these roles, then there is nobody who has […]
Five Myths about Trusts
      Several myths surround trusts that discourage people from learning about them.  Lets look at some of them.   Trusts are for the very wealthy: Untrue:  Trusts can be for anyone with assets or beneficiaries that need to be protected. There is no minimum estate value that is needed to create a Trust.  […]
Family Trusts
Family Trust Also Called Revocable Trust or Living Trust The Family Trust has become a common part of many Estate Plans. In fact, most attorneys believe it malpractice to create an Estate Plan without considering whether a Trust is appropriate. A Trust does much more than a Will. No Probate Court: One major advantage of […]
Pet Trusts Provide for Care After You’re Gone
Does your dog need a Trust?  Should you tell your Cat? To some this may seem a bit silly, but for many of us we want to insure that are pets are cared for after we are gone.  One of the obstacles would-be caregivers face are the expenses associated with keeping an animal happy and […]
Special Needs and Supplemental Needs Trusts
Families who have a loved one with a disability, receiving SSI income or has special needs should pay particular attention to their estate plan. When developing a Special or Supplemental Needs Trust, it is important to keep needs based governmental benefits in mind. Standard trusts often can cause an individual from becoming ineligible to receive […]
Joint Tenancy instead of a Trust or Will?  Better Think Twice.
    Joint Tenancy is one of many ways two or more people can hold title to property. Most married couples hold title to their homes as Joint Tenants. It is one of the simplest ways to hold property. Here is how it works most of the time: John and Mary are a married couple […]
Estate Planning
The Estate Planning Is Simple The goals for most people is to stay in control as long as they are alive and well.  When they’re not, a hand-picked trusted person follows your wishes and interests according to your “Rule Book”. You know your family the best.  Make sure that you write a plan that is  […]
Free Guide to create your Estate Plan
Your Free guide for the creating of your Estate Plan is just a couple of clicks away. I’ll make sure you receive your Free E-book copy by Email.  I’ll send occasional E-Mails with additional information.  You can unsubscribe at anytime. This guide has valuable information about options while preparing your estate plan.  Topics covered: Wills, […]
The Family Trust, Changeable & Revocable
    A Powerful and Affordable Estate Planning Tool When most people think of Estate Planning they think of a Will. A key component in many Estate Plans is a Revocable Living Family Trust. A Trust is similar to Will because it designates who will receive property. However, unlike a Will it can designate when […]