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Special Needs and Supplemental Needs Trusts
Families who have a loved one with a disability, receiving SSI income or has special needs should pay particular attention to their estate plan. When developing a Special or Supplemental Needs Trust, it is important to keep needs based governmental benefits in mind. Standard trusts often can cause an individual from becoming ineligible to receive […]
Protecting Special Needs Children from Predators
Failing to provide for an individual with a special need may render them vulnerable to predators. A recent case describes how a boyfriend took part in drug use that left a daughter with severe brain damage. Later after her mom died, he married her with an eye on her inheritance and disability income. Planning could have prevented the theft, neglect of care and further drug use.
Estate Planning From Home During Covid-19 Outbreak
Estate Planning Challenges During Corona Virus Pandemic Overcome Estate plans Generally require three steps: Planning Signing Completing Normally this requires meetings with an attorney to design the plan. It can also involve the signing at the lawyer’s office with two witnesses and notary. While this is preferred method of creating an Estate Plan, these steps […]
Why are my Oil & Gas Royalty Payments being Withheld in Suspense?
You signed an Oil and Gas Lease, you might have even been paid a bonus.  However, now that there is production the company won’t pay the royalties.  In “Suspense” means that your oil and gas mineral royalty payments are being withheld.  A common reason for an operator to use suspense is because they want to […]
Eminent Domain in Oklahoma, What To Do When They Want to Condemn My Property
Eminent Domain Guide for Land Owners, By Harlan Hentges & Richard Winblad If you’re reading this, somebody probably wants to take all or part of your property to build a road, pipeline, power line, or something else on your land, and you would prefer they went elsewhere. You’re not alone. Many people have been in […]
Fall Break Estate Planning Events for Educators
Fall Break is a perfect time to learn about how to create an Estate Plan.  All events are informational and free of charge.  Those who participate will be entitled to special pricing opportunities.  Learn about: Wills Trusts Advanced Healthcare Directives Powers of Attorney How to make sure that your plan works with your IRA, Bank […]
Victory Before DHS Story Picked up by National Elder Law Attorney Group
“A Victory at Fair Hearing Appeal, Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits Approved”. Taking on DHS: Successfully Challenging the Medicaid Penalty We want to welcome Richard Winblad, Guest Blogger and Lawyers With Purpose member.  Today Richard shares about his win with the Medicaid Penalty. Great work making a difference for your clients! Taking On DHS Benefits the […]
Asset Protection, So Kids Won’t Blow Their Inheritance
Protecting Your Children by Protecting Their Inheritance   Providing Asset Protection for Your Kids Providing an inheritance for one’s children is a common desire among the current generation of middle aged Americans. Protecting that inheritance may be something that many of us overlook when planning for the future. After all, the assets to be handed […]
Convert Life Insurance into a Long Term Care Benefit Plan
Mom is aging and needs lots of care but has limited resources. The family is looking for a way to cut her unneeded expenses while meeting her needs. One expense that families consider cutting is a life insurance policy. After all, most of us purchase life insurance to pay for living expenses of a family, […]