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Convert Life Insurance into a Long Term Care Benefit Plan
Mom is aging and needs lots of care but has limited resources. The family is looking for a way to cut her unneeded expenses while meeting her needs. One expense that families consider cutting is a life insurance policy. After all, most of us purchase life insurance to pay for living expenses of a family, […]
Wartime Veterans’ and Widow’s Pension
Abraham Lincoln Called on the Nation to Support it’s Veterans. Veterans who served during WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars may be eligible for tax free pensions. The pension program is designed to assist veterans and their spouses or widows to cope with the impacted by medical expenses and nursing home costs. The pension […]
Powers of Attorney, Benefits and Dangers
Executing a Power of Attorney can solve or create problems.  It is important to know how they work and how dangerous they can be. Most Estate Plans include a Power of Attorney.  They can be very useful to avoid a court appointed guardianship.  However, the person entrusted must be chosen carefully. A Power-of-Attorney grants a […]
Can Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Sign a Will?
Can Somebody with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Make a Will? Yes, but there may be a point where this becomes impossible. Families often face a difficult situation when they receive a Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis.  Often, the signs preceded the diagnosis.  Whether an individual is dealing with a suspicion or “official” diagnosis, there may still be […]
Aid and Assistance Application Package, Do It Yourself DIY
 Here are important forms that are used to apply for Wartime Veteran’s Benefits. Note:  This is to be used by Veterans and their families only.  These are forms and general instructions for those who believe that they are financially qualified to receive benefits.  Generally, the Veteran must have less than $80,000 in countable assets to […]
Victory Before DHS Story Picked up by National Elder Law Attorney Group
“A Victory at Fair Hearing Appeal, Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits Approved”. Taking on DHS: Successfully Challenging the Medicaid Penalty We want to welcome Richard Winblad, Guest Blogger and Lawyers With Purpose member.  Today Richard shares about his win with the Medicaid Penalty. Great work making a difference for your clients! Taking On DHS Benefits the […]
Asset Protection, So Kids Won’t Blow Their Inheritance
Protecting Your Children by Protecting Their Inheritance   Providing Asset Protection for Your Kids Providing an inheritance for one’s children is a common desire among the current generation of middle aged Americans. Protecting that inheritance may be something that many of us overlook when planning for the future. After all, the assets to be handed […]
The Legal Documents & Plans Your Parents Need Right Now
Looking after your Parents’ Legal Preparedness As a child of aging parents you probably have experienced increased duties and a variety of new roles. As you grew up, you were one who was protected and guided but now as your parent’s age, your role has become one of adviser and watchman. It is prudent to […]
Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility
Medicaid Eligibility Medicare is a health-care benefit provided by the federal government to individuals over age 65, or under age 65 and disabled. Medicare covers doctor visits, tests and care provided in a hospital and limited benefits in a nursing home (see below). Medicaid is health insurance for those with limited assets. To qualify, you […]